Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to our Redesigned website!

I'm very excited to welcome you to our new website. I have been wanting to create a place where I can easily add the latest naturopathic information, breaking news, tasty recipes, and helpful hints to keep you healthy. We have finally done it! I'm pretty fortunate to be married to my web-designer:)
The biggest change would be the addition of the Blog, which will enable me to take a more active role in posting new information for our clients. Check back frequently, as I'll be adding to the Blog on a regular basis!

Dr. Anna Falkowski
Naturopathic Doctor & Clinic Director
Vitality for Life Health Center
Barrie, ON

Dr. Anna Falkowski HBSc, ND
Naturopathic Doctor, Clinic Director
Twitter: @NaturoDoctor
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