Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Fever anyone??

We have had some nice weather in the last few weeks, intermingled with some snow, but I think we're all getting a taste of what's to come. I certainly noticed people's moods were much improved (including my own), and there has been a revived sense of optimism and motivation. People are slowly coming out of their hibernation. At my house, spring means planting our seedlings for the garden! Carlos and Jordi (my three year old) enjoyed planting some seeds while I was at work (Jordi requested that Cayenne peppers be grown in a pot in his room). I enjoy seeing my son learning about food and where it comes from, so anything to keep him interested! We have decided to enlarge and expand our garden this year, so I'm very excited about this. Our neighbours have a rather large garden so we try to grow different things and then swap the harvest. It seems that every year is a learning experience and I'm enjoying it more than I ever imagined. Growing a portion of what you eat just feels right, and brings you closer to nature, and the seasons!

Dr. Anna Falkowski
Naturopathic Doctor & Clinic Director
Vitality for Life Health Center

Dr. Anna Falkowski HBSc, ND
Naturopathic Doctor, Clinic Director
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