Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach time and Exercise!

This weekend we headed to the beach to spend a relaxing morning together. I packed a small picnic for the kids, and brought their sand toys and water stuff. My husband Carlos is training for Ironman this August in BC, so on most days he does some sort of training. We found a great way to incorporate a workout for both of us while enjoying the beach. He started by doing an open-water swim, followed by a run while I played with the kids, and then we swapped. I normally wouldn't do this sort of swim (in a wetsuit in the deeper waters of the lake), but it was amazing, and a great workout - my first 'real' swim in my new wetsuit, which takes some getting used to. I then did a short run as well. I felt great after, and the combined cross-training left my body feeling completely spent.
We then spent the rest of the afternoon just enjoying being outdoors. When planning such an active family outing, don't forget to bring extra water and nutrient-packed snacks, especially not such hot and sunny days as we've been having.

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Dr. Anna Falkowski HBSc, ND
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