Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy Time of Year

I've been meaning to blog but the last few weeks have seemed particularly busy, so I've been putting it off! I thin part of stress management is prioritizing, so I've had to put my time and energy elsewhere, even though I've had many great ideas for blog topics.
My own life right now is really hectic - we just put our house on the market, and between a pregnancy and 2 small kids life seems really busy right now. It's been a reminder for me to take extra good care of myself. One of the things I've managed to do during this hectic time is to make sure i'm still exercising - even just 30 min. three days a week seems to keep me feeling good. There are days when getting out for a walk seems like the bottom of my priority list, but once I get out there I'm really thankful for doing it - the fresh air and natural daylight is immediately uplifting. I am also careful to make sure i'm meeting my nutritional needs, at least 80% of the time. Every day I think about my veggie intake, healthy fats, and protein for energy. Knock on wood, I'm surprised how great I'm feeling, even as I enter my eighth month of pregnancy.
As as a side note, at the clinic we recently obtained a pregnancy pillow which we use for massage and chiropractic work on pregnant women. I have had a massage in it, and it was heaven to lay face down. Last week I had my first chiropractic adjustment in it, and once again it made the experience so much better. Even just laying down on it seemed to relieve some of the tight muscles in my lower back, and Dr. Sarah was able to access my trigger points more effectively. I encourage any pregnant woman to come it and try it out, it's fabulous.
Ok, that's it for now, I hope everyone is managing their stress during this busy time, and remember to not over-book yourselves to get the most out of your holidays! Read our December newsletter for more tips on stress management this holiday season!

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