Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Cake alternative!

We celebrated my father's birthday this past week, and I wanted to surprise him with something tasty and healthy (he is one of the healthiest eaters  I know). So I made one cake entirely out of fruit (the 3 tiers are cut out of watermelon, and then decorated with fruit inserted onto toothpicks, and several skewers of fruit stuck into the top tier). It turned out beautifully. This is true clean eating, and would pass the 'naturopathic' stamp of approval!

I also made another 'real' cake, but I made it egg-free because my dad has a sensitivity to egg. I decorated it with dark chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries, which is still decent in terms of health concerns yet fairly indulgent!

They were both yummy, and it was interesting how the kids loved picking apart the fruit cake!

I think this type of cake makes a nice gift for any occasion, and is nice to bring to BBQ's!

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Rajib Hossain said...

I think looking is very sweet this birth day cake. I like it your birth day cake.

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