Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Happiness Advantage!

I don't get a chance to read a lot during the other seasons, but Summer is a time I like to curl up with a good book. This book was recommended to me by someone I highly respect, so I took it on vacation and read it cover to cover over two days.
 In summary, as a society we have been lead to believe that if we reach 'success', then we will be happy. However when you look at the studies in the field of positive psychology, it's actually the other way around - happy people generally reach a higher level of success because of how they are able to re-wire their brains to seek opportunity and see the positive side of things. This is a simplification, but the book gives 7 basic principles that anyone can incorporate to become a happier person, and thereby increasing their chances for success (at work, at sports, at home etc). It resonated with me very much - as an entrepreneur who is entirely responsible for my own well-being I realize that although I have lived these principles in many ways, there are things I can still improve upon. It was an affirmation of my management style (treating people kindly, with respect and positive reinforcement) and how I have built my team of wonderful associates, colleagues and friends.
I also found myself teaching the principles to my children - how wonderful to encourage their happiness vs. focusing on 'results'. They were really interested in the book as I was reading it, and were asking many questions. I really believe this book can change your parenting style.
If you are a person that feels down on their luck, or generally feels that negative things happen to them (whether financially, health, relationships etc). READ THIS BOOK!! With some simple tweaks you'll be turning it around for yourself and living with more gratitude on a daily basis.

Dr. Anna Falkowski HBSc, ND
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