Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Schedule, Going with it!

I know people are following my food intro schedule for Clara, so I'm finding time for updating, but it's tough! Our life is certainly hectic to say the least - 2 self-employed people, 3 kids, and my husbands 'part-time' life as a triathlete!
Anyway, because life is so busy I am not stressing about how much or how fast we intro, but focusing more on the quality of food. There have been days that I don't give any solids - I have allowed her bowels to catch up with the newness of solid food, which has been a good approach. Clara isn't 100% into food yet, which is normal. Most of her nutrition still comes from breast milk, which is how it should be still!
So since i've last written I've tried grating some frozen liver into her sweet potato (at the last stage of cooking before using the hand held mixer). The first day she didn't take to it much, but after a couple days of not having it she took it no problem. Liver is great for the iron that babies start to need more of at 6 months, but on days that she's not having that I throw a few leaves of organic baby spinach into her purees, an egg yolk or some green peas. I personally can't stand liver - not the taste OR the smell, but I realize it's nutritional value! I'm so surprised that a baby tolerates it! She loves avocado with banana, mango or blueberries, but i'm trying to hold back on the sweets in preference for developing her other tastes (in particular leafy greens!). When peaches were in season I let her share my peach (no skin, but she's use her gums to work on it - she LOVED the flavor). I also let her suck on a watermelon slice. Giving food in this manner is more 'baby led weaning' as it's not in puree form but more in it's natural state. I'm still cautious about choking so i don't allow many foods in this form. Clara seems to grab at the things that she 'shouldn't' be having yet - breads in particular, so i pull those away from her, which goes against baby led weaning! So I would say all is well, and we're going with it! Another update soon!

On a side note, I'm so happy to see all the recent weight-loss success stories in my patients. I love it when eating clean becomes a way of life for people and pounds start to melt away! These life changes is what I live for as a Naturopath!

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