Thursday, January 14, 2010

Detox Day 11 - Food makes us feel good!

Yoga was fabulous last night – I felt the best I ever had during a class – I had great energy and I was well hydrated. I was thinking what a great companion hot yoga is for cleansing, as the sweating intensifies the process, and brings an inner awareness to the body (which is already heightened during a detox).
I have to admit that I’m missing coffee. It’s clearly not a physical response, since any true ‘addiction’ to it would have been broken in the first few days. I’m just looking forward to that little pleasure in my day again! I was thinking about food and how it plays some an emotional role in our lives – certain foods are associated with happy memories, our childhood, relaxation, dinner parties, picnics and so on. Going 2 weeks without a reliance on these comfort foods is a big deal for people, and it’s usually the source of stress during a cleanse. Like with many other things in life, it’s good to challenge these ‘addictions’ and beliefs surrounding foods, and see what you might discover about yourself. You’ll hopefully come out of it with fewer food hang-ups and realize what’s truly important and what you can do without in your diet. For me, I know I can do with fewer night-time snacks during the week (maybe save them just for movie nights), I can drink more green tea, I can have less wheat, I can eat more avocado. But I won’t give up my cup of coffee!

Breakfast – Mediclear smoothies with mango, strawberries and water. Green tea. Bowl of rice-millet cereal, raisins and almond milk
Snack – hummus and 5 rice crackers.
Lunch – brown rice and stirfry (from last night) – I threw a handful of chopped red cabbage in there for extra color.
Snack – plum
Dinner – Mediclear & water. Large salad with romaine, carrots, celery and white kidney beans. Dressing was olive oil, balsamic vinegar.
Snack – guacamole & rice crackers and a few slices of papaya. Chamomile tea.

Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend in Vaughn and will be gone for several hours, so I’ll need to make sure I bring something with me – It’s doubtful that I’ll find anything decent to eat at the mall!

Dr. Anna Falkowski HBSc, ND
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Dr. Anna Falkowski HBSc, ND
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